Local Planning Authorities

Local Planning Authorities


Seamless scalability and simple monitoring

Effortlessly manage all environmental offsetting within your LPA via the only end-to-end environmental offsetting software solution on the market.

When BNG becomes mandatory in 2023, we want to be able to keep the planning process as smooth as possible without the need for extra resources.

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  • Manage all transactions in one place

    Our platform provides LPAs with a scalable management and monitoring tool as the industry grows. Reducing the need to expend valuable existing resource, or having to invest in more.

  • Centralised and secure contracts

    Manage all contractual elements through our software, providing security and audibility throughout the process.

  • Holistic view of all offsetting across your LPA

    Whether managing BNG, nutrient neutrality or any natural capital projects in the future, our software provides a single place for you and all interested stakeholders to access information relevant to them.

  • Real-time data and reporting

    As the volume of offsetting within your LPA grows, you will have access to overview and granular data at the click of a button. This can add value in a variety of areas, including management reporting and public relations.

  • Measuring compliance and abolishing double counting

    In addition to the national BNG register, we go one step further by assigning each offset transaction with its own unique identification code, making it impossible to sell an offset unit twice. Helping to reassure all stakeholders that offsetting initiatives are accurate and transparent.

  • Strategically select new offset sites

    Using our advanced mapping functionality, you are able to see all current offsetting sites within your LPA. This gives you the ability to easily identify appropriate new offset sites, maximising habitat connectivity and linking to your local nature recovery strategy.