Reversing climate change through technology, collaboration and education


Progress Through Technology

  • The UK is the worst country in the G7 for biodiversity loss. Biodiversity loss is the leading cause of climate change around the world as biodiverse habitats such as grassland absorb large amounts of carbon and stores in the soil. At BNG Partnership we want to improve biodiversity throughout the UK to help reduce the effects of climate change.

  • The BNG Partnership is committed to reversing biodiversity loss throughout the UK and around the world. Through our unrivalled technology, we provide the fastest and easiest, fully-managed solution for property developers to purchase BNG offset credits, and for landowners to commit their land to the scheme.


  • Maximise your GDV by using our offsite solutions.

    We can offer different types of environmental credits to suit your needs.

    We take on the obligation of making environmental offsetting, low risk and hassle-free.

    Our software provides easy to access information for all your monitoring and reporting needs throughout a projects lifetime.

  • Manage all environmental offsetting transactions in one place using our software.

    Our software reporting ensures compliance with all regulations.

    Secure contracts generated and stored all in one place, using our software.

    Our mapping functionality means all offset sites are strategically located.

  • We can work with land from around 4 hectares depending on location.

    We provide upfront payments followed by annual payments for 30 years giving you a guaranteed annual income for 30 years.

    Land ownership and agricultural status is retained when land is put into BNG.

    Smaller parcels, wet areas and unproductive parcels mean that profits are still maximised.


Our online educational courses provide useful information on what we do and how we can help our customers with their offsetting needs, whether that be landowners, developers, local planning authorities or anyone else. Click on any of the below and hopefully we'll teach you something new!