Find the biodiversity potential in your land today

With increasing demand for farmers to diversify, environmental offsetting solutions provide a guaranteed income for 30 years. BNG is a low management option for farmers and landowners to provide biodiverse habitats on their land.

  • Increase income on your land through environmental offsetting.

    Landowners are looking for other ways to maximise profits in their businesses and environmental offsetting provides a reliable source of income. Utilising the least productive parts of your landholding, we can help you diversify and increase the income your land generates; in the case of BNG you could expect to receive upwards of £1000/ha/pa, guaranteed for at least 30 years.

  • Upfront establishment payment

    When we start working with you, we provide an establishment payment including all ecological work and seed costs. This removes up-front financial risk for landowners.

  • Flexible levels of management services

    Every landowner is different and because of this we offer adaptable levels of service to meet your needs. This includes different levels of outsourced management and payment structures.

  • Short timescales from agreement to payment

    We only work with landowners whose landholdings are in areas where we already have developer demand. This allows us to pay you an establishment payment immediately.

  • Trusted delivery partner

    We have developed strong working relationships with developers, LPAs, Natural England and ecologists throughout England, giving us a strong reputation within the industry. We have experience in offsetting schemes for both BNG and nutrient neutrality across the country.